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7th October 2013

VAT Registration

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Not so long ago it used to be the case that a VAT registration for a new (or existing for that matter) business would take something like 8 – 12 weeks.  This could prove to be a real problem for businesses, particularly those that had been subject to a compulsory registration, due to the administrative difficulties of not having a VAT number.

It can sometimes be difficult to find praise for HMRC, however this is one area I now feel that they have now got right.  VAT registrations that are completed online are now normally completed within a week, often in only a few days.  This is a far cry from the old timetable we had to work to for paper registrations.

In addition to the quick turnaround time on registrations, HMRC now offer much more in terms of support and proactive advice for newly registered businesses.  HMRC will now send a number of emails to newly registered businesses, advising on file responsibilities, time scales and special schemes that might be helpful.

Overall it looks like HMRC have finally completed their move into the digital age as far as VAT in concerned and it’s about time!

Dan Hobbs
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